​​​​Hoffman Madsen

  Piano Studio

Policy Statement
Once a student starts lessons, it is expected that the school year is completed.  However, should it be necessary to discontinue, a thirty-day notice is required.   Payment is due during this thirty-day period whether or not lessons are taken. 
Please be prompt for lessons with all materials.  Lesson time cannot be extended for late arrivals.  However, there may be times when a lesson does not begin right on time. 
Tuitions reserves your lesson time.  If you miss a lesson in addition to scheduled breaks, no deduction can be made in tuition.  Music books, supplies, testing and competition fees are in addition to tuition. 
Make-up lessons are solely at the discretion of the teacher.
Payment is due by the 10th of each month for that month.  (The September payment is due by the 20th.)  Checks should be made payable to:  Hoffman Madsen Music Studio. 
A late fee of $5.00 per student is charged for late payment.  If mailing a check, please allow enough time for us to receive it by the 10th.  Any bank service charges will be added to accounts for returned checks. 
Due to the number of students and limited waiting room space, please do not bring other children in the studio.  And please help your children wait quietly in the waiting area so other lessons are not disrupted. 
Please be prompt in picking up students following lessons.  The teacher can only be responsible for a student during the lesson.
If schools are closed due to bad weather, lessons will be given as scheduled unless the teacher notifies you.
The studio may be open some days that schools are not in session.  Please check the Caendar of Events for vacation days. 
Please do not bring pets into the studio, in consideration of those who have allergies. 
In the summer, the regular attendance policy does not apply.  Please check with your teacher for their summer policy and schedule.