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Adult Piano Lessons

Is it too late for me to take lessons?
Adults are now taking piano lessons!   Whether you had lessons as children or never had a chance to learn an instrument growing up, it’s not too late to play the piano.  

Adults enjoy lessons for many reasons.  Reasons like stress relief from work, having a hobby and skill, the love and appreciation of music, the introspection that comes with playing the piano, plus many many more. 

Some adults are starting piano for the very first time, some brushing up old skills, while others are advanced non-professional and professional pianists wanting to further their skills.  Our lessons are private and tailored to your individual needs.  Enjoyment of lessons is important and you should be able to move at your own comfort level.

As adults, one of the biggest challenges is scheduling.   Between work and families, it can be difficult to find time for yourself.  The first step is deciding that music is important to you and making time for lessons.  Once you’ve made the decision to play, you’re ready. 
If you’re retired or want to take lessons while your children are in school, you may schedule lessons during the daytime.   If you work until 5:00 or 6:00, and want to come after a few hours of relaxation at home, you may schedule evening lessons.

Please remember:  No one is ever too old or doesn’t have the talent to learn music.  Research shows, that not only is music great for the cognitive development of children, but it also enhances the range of verbal and nonverbal functions (including memory) in adults. It’s just another great way to stay mentally young, agile, and engaged.